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The negative mental health impact of advertisements on social media on youth

Savannah Frank

It has been observed in the past that the use of models who glorify unhealthy beauty standards can lead the youth to disordered eating, over-exercising and lower self-worth. Many studies date from before the air of mainstream social media and most of these analyze the impact on only older women, not teenagers and men. This qualitative study explored the current negative impacts that fashion and influencer advertisements on social media can have on the self-esteem and body image of adolescents and young adults in Northern America. The research aims to portray to fashion companies, big and small, that their marketing methods can be altered and changed to cater to a changing generation. Three young adults, aged twenty to twenty-one, were asked some questions about their xpériences and their personal lives in relation to social media. They were asked about how they perceived the impacts of social media on their self-esteem and how it affected their body image.

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