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A step towards a greener steel industry

Anna Droppert

My studies over the last two years have made me aware that science is a source of creative solutions to real world problems. This gained awareness, in turn, has given me a better appreciation for the fact that all that we do as human beings to support our way of life has a direct impact on our planet and that there is an urgency to reduce our environmental footprint. This has been the common thread of my Honours independent research and my final field work. Indeed, this is why I chose to intern at Solumet Metal & Powder for my integrative project. Solumet is a metal recycling company based in Varennes that has developed a novel sintering technology that allows for the repurposing of otherwise valueless metallic powder waste from an extremely broad variety of waste streams. Over the course of my internship, I was also able to contribute to some new research being done. Steel mills that recycle scrap metal produce a lot of EAF dust, and this dust poses a serious environmental threat to society because it contains heavy metals. Currently EAF dust is one of the biggest industrial waste streams in terms of tonnage worldwide. The purpose of my work was therefore to optimize the conditions of temperature and carbon content to treat the EAF dust and recover the valuable metals separately through sintering.

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