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The optimization of Covid-19 vaccine distribution on a global scale

Abigail Cockerton

Initially, I had planned to work in a vaccination clinic and work on optimization on a much smaller scale. It was hard for them to accommodate me with the time allotted to the internship given all the training required. I decided to keep my same idea but turn it into an epidemiological study. I went through global data from the WHO and “Our World in Data” to understand which countries’ were able to vaccinate their population efficiently. I did find it interesting how making the vaccines more accessible was the true key to increasing vaccine roll-out. What really stood out to me was the vast difference between certain countries roll-outs compared to others. There was a clear division between the wealthy countries compared to the other countries. I was determined to find out how this was possible, what could’ve been done to prevent it and what can be done now to improve the current inequities.  If governments had been more prepared, they might have been a bigger chance to join joint initiatives to optimize global vaccination and immunity.  For now, vaccines really just need to be shipped to areas with high case rates in order to prevent further variant mutations.

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