Créativité et innovation

Through The Eyes of The Red Hand

Cassandra Saati

The closed minded society of the past is no longer. Today, we live in a woke community. The activism surrounding the “Black Lives Matter” and “Free Palestine” movements demonstrates that Gen Z has the ability to mold society in their image. In Canada, the inhumane treatment of Indigenous women has proliferated for generations. However, their stories are not given enough exposure among younger people. A Canadian child of parents from two different countries, I occasionally feel alienated among ethnic Canadians, and people from my ancestral background. Therefore, I empathize with these women for not feeling completely accepted, despite being in their homeland. My project consists of emphasizing Indigenous injustices among Gen Z to improve the lives of these women, and the Indigenous peoples of Canada by creating informative advertisements. I came to conclude that by taking little steps such as ads, you can have a transformational effect on others. I believe that gentle attentiveness is the essential tool to use when working towards change.

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21 | 25