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Effects of Lyme disease on canine kidney failure

Danial Rahnamania

Why I chose this topic: My chosen topic was on Lyme disease, specifically about canine Lyme disease. I had started gathering information since last summer, since I got really into the field of Lyme disease when my dog was diagnosed by it. I had a myriad of sources and contacts to help me lead to find answers for my research project. My research led me to find many significant people knowledgeable about this topic.

The main objective: of my research was to find as many effects as possible this disease brings to dogs especially in their renal area. Also, I was really eager to learn more so that I could have a better eyesight on this topic, since many people like me have a pet that is considered their family and losing that family member in any other shape or form that natural causes is not an option. I managed to get my internship at Charles River Laboratories situated in Senneville, where I learned how the testing on drugs really functions.

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