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Can Nutrition Reduce Stress?

Aylin Kizilkaya

During this pandemic, many people have felt a lot of stress with all the changes in their daily routine. For some people, their appetite changed, and they use food to deal with stress.

My main motive for conducting this research was because, in the past few months, people around me felt more stressed and experienced changes in their appetite. Therefore, I wanted to establish if changing their diet could improve how they felt. Another reason why I chose this project is for the first ten weeks of this semester, I wrote a research paper on binge eating disorder and its brain chemistry, so I wanted to stay in a similar field.

Overall, the meal plan somewhat reduced participants’ stress levels. 33% said yes, 40% said maybe, and 27% said no. Also, most of their physical, behavioral, psychological, and emotional symptoms and overall stress did decrease. Due to the time limit, the data could have changed if more people were doing the meal plan for a long period of time. Moreover, many external factors and day-to-day challenges can influence stress levels.

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