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Sanitary Procedures for General Surgery

Amanda Teixeira

For my field work I shadowed Dr. Polyhronopoulos, a general surgeon at the Lakeshore General Hospital. This internship was a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in my field of interest which is biomedical sciences. Throughout my time following Dr. Polyhronopoulos at the Lakeshore General Hospital and at the Brunswick Medical Center, I was able to observe many procedures and surgeries. This allowed me to answer my project question. My goal with this field work was to examine the sanitary procedures used during surgery and why it is crucial to have a sterile environment. In the days I spent in the operating room, I observed the surgical nurses’ sterilization routine as well as the surgeon’s sanitary protocols. Overall, I concluded that it is important to follow strict sanitary protocols in order to reduce the amount of microbes present in the operating room as well as minimize the risk of infections in the patient.

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