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Gentrification, does it Do More Harm or Good?

Sunniva Bisgambiglia

The primary motivation that I had for this project came from the fact that my family and I were looking to move and the prices of housing in the neighbourhood of Griffintown were extremely high for the square footage offered in the units that were for sale and for rent. I was also shocked at the lack of schools and parks in the area. This led me to question myself on what it was like to live there but also what made people want to leave the area, because in my mind, I would not want to start a family there due to the lack of parks, nearby schools, and high cost of living. I decided to take a look at how the erection of new condominium buildings made prices surge in the area as well as pushing people who could no longer afford those prices towards the suburbs of Montreal. I learnt a lot over the course of this project and hope to be able to apply it into my future studies and possibly career.

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