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Self-learning Softwares In Video Games

André Kasper Kolstad

For my final project, I wanted to create a self-learning software and incorporate it into a game, to give the player a personalized experience based on their behaviour. I added artificial intelligence aspects to the game in three ways : design, difficulty level, and gameplay. For the design, I looked at the types of games a player likes, and gave them a matching visual of the game. For the difficulty level, I tuned the difficulty based on the player’s skill. For the gameplay, I created an AI that analyzes the position of the player and countered their anticipations, making the game more and more difficult over time. I later compared the version of the game that uses AI with a version that does not. I was happy to see that the AI game seemed more fun, frustrating, and difficult! It proved that my AI actually worked!

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13 | 21