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The Extraintestinal Manifestations of Celiac Disease: A Virtual Lecture Created for NEI Conferences

Naomi Zukerman

According to the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation, close to 1 in 114 Canadians experience the effects of celiac disease, nevertheless, nearly 90% of associated cases remain undiagnosed.

Motivated by several years of learning about my own nutritional intolerances, I began to question the extraintestinal manifestations of other allergic disorders, specifically those caused by celiac disease. To begin, to evaluate the general consciousness of the widespread indicators of gluten-sensitive enteropathy, a survey was conducted. This anonymous questionnaire studied the answers of participants aged 14-78 and tested the contributors’ previous knowledge concerning the illness, their average routines for oral health maintenance as well as their digestive reactions to ingredients such as gluten, dairy and soy products. Among other details, it was concluded that 78% of the 120 participants had never been asked about family history or possibility of the ailment.

Every element of the conference I created highlights the importance of researching the various forms of this condition to better understand the extensive list of symptoms experienced by the patients affected by this autoimmune reaction. Continuing education is the first step to raising awareness amongst the medical community in order to correctly inform the public and effectively treat the population.

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