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A reimagined way to treat canine concussions

Cassandra Piché

Dogs are known for being a man’s best friend, and my dog is no exception to that saying. I have a strong attachment to my dog, which is the main motivation behind my project. I was eager to learn more about common injuries that happen in dogs, which is why I choose to do my research on canine concussions (also known as canine traumatic brain injuries). On top of wanting to incorporate my dog into my research, I wanted to include the university program in which I was planning on applying in, that being occupational therapy. With those two ideas in mind, I decided to research how occupational therapy can be used to treat canine concussions. I created an occupational therapy plan that is aimed at treating symptoms of canine concussions and tested out my rehabilitation plan on 12 dogs from various breeds and ages. I would do massage therapy, balance exercises as well as a Cavaletti circuit with each dog. My findings suggest that younger dogs have more difficulty while executing the plan in comparison to older dogs. This may be due to their shorter attention span that develops throughout their life.

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