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Power Quality Analysis

Anne Truong

Power Quality, including harmonic distortion and power factor, is a very precise domain in electrical engineering. The reason I chose this subject was due to its complexity. With no knowledge in waves at the beginning of my research, I enjoyed reading and trying to understand this topic.  Starting with simple definition of “harmonic distortion” and “power factor,” I slowly increased my knowledge in this field. Going from its effect to its consequences even to the possible solution for each type of problems, I wanted to learn even more in depth on this subject by doing an internship. The latter permitted me to analyse and observe different data for power quality problems. Nothing could ever be more interesting than trying to put the theoretical knowledge you have gained through research into actual use. With real-life situations and case studies, I had the opportunity to see and gain a variety of knowledge and experience in this domain. Learning from observing slowly to actual report writing, this slow transition made sure I understood what I was doing and that I could produce a good report on power quality.

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