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Does love age?

Nahomy Durand

For the next few years of my academic journey, I will be studying in the field of Law.  As so, this project is my last goodbye to my inner psychologist et sociologist in me.  I personally chose the subject of Love so that my project can be relatable to all, as we all have our own experiences in that sphere.  My study centered around the fascinating subjectivity of Love and tried to look for any correlation between one’s age & one’s opinion on Love; may it be romantic, familial, platonic or self-love.  Love is always in the air; from the moment we are born to the day we die.  That is why understanding Love in all its facets can help us comprehend many incongruous human behaviours.  My study found that, while there is direct correlation between age and one’s view on Love, there exists a correlation between one’s past experiences and the latter. It all depends on what we lived through and how we matured from it.

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